The Figure Skating Club of Rio Rancho recommends all of our coaches follow U.S. Figure Skating, Professional Skaters Association, and/or USA Hockey coaching requirements to help ensure that we are providing proper and safe instruction.  We require all of our coaches to comply with SafeSport Training.

Note: Coaches must meet current eligibility requirements as posted by US Figure Skating to participate in a sanctioned event or test session, which are as follows:

  • US Figure Skating Full Membership
  • Completion of SafeSport Training
  • Successful Background Screening
  • Verification of Coach Liability Insurance
  • Completion of CER Courses
  • Professional Skaters Association (PSA) Membership (only if coaching in qualifying competitions)

USFS provides some helpful brochures on how to support your skater and hiring a private coach.

Parent Guide Volume 1

Parent Guide Volume 2

Parent Guide Volume 3

Evelyn Kyla Cook

Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

Skating Director for the McDermott Athletic Center, Evelyn started skating at The MAC (then known as Blades) when she was 4 years old. She later moved to Eagle River, Alaska and began coaching professionally in 2012. Evelyn teaches private lessons where she focuses on helping students set and follow through on their personal goals – whether big or small. Her philosophy is based on helping people develop a life-long love of exercise and creative expression. Evelyn also coaches the Hooliganettes synchronized skating teams. She became the skating director of the MAC in 2022. Outside of skating, Evelyn is a graduate student in speech language pathology at UNM.

Megan Edwards

Rate: $30.00/30 minute lesson

I coach both recreational and competitive skaters, all ages and levels. I’m PSA Master Rated in Moves in the Field, Certified Rated in Freestyle, and Register Rated in Group. I’m also a United States Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Free Skate. I have coached Southwest Nine States Champion, Regional, Sectional, Collegiate competitors, and International Skating Union Adult International Competitors. I’m passionate about skating and loves joining each skater on their incredible skating journey.

Mandy Edwards

Rate: $30.00/30 minute lesson

I have over 25 years of coaching experience. Double Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freeskate, 5th Figure and Pre-Silver Dance. Certified ratings in MIF & Freeskate and a PSA Member. Coach of Southwest Nine States Champion, Regional, Sectional and Collegiate competitors. Coaching recreational and competitive skaters.

Jillian Miller

Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

I have been figure skating since October 2012 and volunteering/coaching Learn to Skate lessons since 2017. I have completed my Senior Freeskate and Moves in the Field and am a Gold Medalist. I love working with children and teenagers, but everybody is welcome! My primary goal is to guide the skater to reach their own goals whether that is competing, leveling up, or just having a fun time on the ice.

Lisa Miller

Rate: $18.00/30 minute lesson

  • I am a current Adult Ladies Silver competitive ice skater. Away from the rink I am an elementary teacher with Bachelor degrees in Elementary and Special Education. I hold a Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction.
  • I began my skating career as an adult. I believe that we all take individualized paths to goal achievement. My specialty is coaching basic skill level and beginning free skate level skaters. I can coach beginning adults through bronze.
  • Skate Technician for all skaters in the Albuquerque/ Rio Rancho area

Josh Coleman

Rate: $20.00/30 minute lesson

  • I began figure skating in 1999 and work with skaters of all ages from beginner to pre-preliminary. I specialize in teaching the USFSA therapeutic skating curriculum.
  • Outside the rink I am a professional jazz musician teaching saxophone, piano and voice. I also have professional experience as a behavior therapist and have worked for ARCA and Centria Healthcare.
  • On the ice I am U.S.Figure Skating Adult Gold Medalist in field moves and have competed standard track, collegiate and currently compete in the adult track (21-35). I’ve received the U.S. Figure Skating We Get Up award and I’m a member of the professional skaters association. 
  •  The ice is the place where I have always been happiest and my goal as a coach is to help others find the same value and develop a lifelong love of skating.

Silvia D’Avola


  • Figure Skating is a gate to self-awareness, a vessel of expression and a source of incomparable emotions. My coaching philosophy focuses on the mastery of technical skills, the development of life-sport ethics and the shaping of ones personality.
  • I provide students with the instruments to believe in their true potential, solidify their self-confidence and enjoy mastering their skills. I coach skaters to become technically and mentally strong, aware and independent.
  • I make personalized training programs and employ challenging methods and tools to fasten the learning process, prevent injuries and ensure the well-being of the skaters. I value skaters’ personalities while establishing positive, motivating and respectful environments to build meaningful and remarkable journeys for students, families and coaches.
  • I stand for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Figure Skating is a unique art that skaters have the power to make extraordinary.