Register Gear

Please read the following and fill out the form at the bottom to register.

Register Gear – November 7th – December 2nd, at midnight.

Fill out the online form for individual items OR complete an Item Registration worksheet to register gear. The deadline is Dec. 2nd, at midnight.

  • All Swap Items must be pre-registered online.  The Registration site will be CLOSED, Thursday at midnight. There will be no computers at swap to register gear or print tags.  All tags will be pre-printed.  
  • You get 80% of the Sale price.  There are no mark-downs during or after the swap.

Drop-off Gear – Friday, December 3rd from 2:00pm – 6:00pm

   Please drop off your items at the snack bar within the designated time. DO NOT DROP OFF AT THE FRONT DESK; WE CAN NOT GUARENTEE THAT WE WILL RECEIVE YOUR ITEMS IF YOU DO SO.

  • Drop-off is in the Snack Bar area
  • Gear that is broken or no longer saleable will not be accepted
    Unsafe gear found during the swap will be set aside and available at Pickup.
  • There will be NO early or late check-in available.
  • If you want to DONATE ALL proceeds, click Donate as you register a piece of gear.


Pickup Unsold Gear – December 4th from 1:00 – 2:00pm

  • Please come during pickup time 1-2.  If you come late, your gear will be locked in our storage.
  • Before exiting, you will need to prove that the gear is yours and we will check it to show it has been picked up.
  • If you did not find an item at Gear Pickup, we will add a “Not Found” status. 

Missed Gear Pickup, 2nd chance ~ December 5th from 5:30 – 6:30pm

  • The second chance for pickup will be the following day, Sunday, December 5th from 5:30 – 6:30pm.
    If you do not pickup your unsold gear, it will be considered DONATED but please click Donate online.
  • If there was an unforeseen circumstance (accident, hospitalization, etc.) during  the 2nd chance pickup, 
    send an email to
  • If gear is Not Found by the next week and was not shown as Sold, we will double check the inventory and records.  If still not found, we will assume it was a sales error and will pay you as if it was sold (80%).
  • We will hold the Not Sold Gear for 2 weeks after the sale.

Payment for Sales

  • You will be paid 80% of all gear sold, not for gear donated.
  • We will send your check within 2 weeks of the swap. 
    If you have an issue, send an email with your name, item title/description to 

The FSCRR Skate/Gear Swap will:

  1. Manage your gear and sales income as securely as possible We will take all issues very seriously and do our best to treat our customers and volunteers fairly.
  2. Print the tags with a detailed description and attach them to the gear when you drop it off.
  3. We will send a reminder email after the sale to all who have gear to pick up.
    There may be a follow-up reminder for gear found that did not have a tag.
  4. We will hold the gear for 2 weeks to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.
  5. We will send checks for sold gear within two weeks of the swap.
    If there are sales processing errors, we will send a follow-on check when it is resolved.​

Any gear that is deemed not-sellable will be donated or disposed of at our discretion.

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions listed for the Figure Skating Club of Rio Rancho New Mexico's Skate/Gear Swap 2021.