Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell gear as well and how does that work?

See the Sell Gear page.  Yes, the Skate/Gear Swap is a Consignment Sale so you 1) Register and price your gear, 2) bring it to the MAC on the check-in day/times and 3) we make it available for sale and 4) pay you if it does. 

What if I forgot to register my gear before the drop-off time?

We may (or may not) accept your items if they are properly tagged with your name, price, and and a description. However, we will not be responsible for any items that accidentally lose their tags, are not returned properly, or any other problem due to not pre-registering.

I can not register my gear, Help?

Please contact Susan Kugelmann at for any issues.

​​How do I print my Inventory list?

If you filled out the online form for single items, you can request that your responses are emailed to you. If you filled out the worksheet, you may print that out. If you still have problems, please contact us at

Do I print my own gear tags?

No, after you enter your items we will print all the tags from the information you provided. At the time of drop-off, we will attach the tags and give you a receipt according to your pre-registration form.

How do I price the gear?

You price it. See Pricing Guidelines. To sell the used gear, it must first be clean, complete and not ripped or broken. Skates and boots drop by 50% each year ($400, $200, $100, etc.).  Clothing generally drops 60% first year ($200 to $120).

Is anyone available to help price gear?

Sorry, we do not have anyone available to price gear. Take a look at the Pricing Guidelines, or check online for comparable items.  

​What gear can I bring?

See Quality Guidelines.  Pretty much any skating related gear is accepted. Clothing items with major stains, broken zippers or missing buttons are not accepted. We will accept hockey skates and some gear, but we don’t anticipate a lot of hockey gear sales. Also, the swap supports the Figure Skating Club so if you would like to support the hockey club with your gear, you might want to contact them directly.

Can I bring matching items attached together?

You can try, but they get separated when people are trying them on. Also, everything sells better separately. 

Can we buy unsold gear on Sunday during unsold gear pickup?

You can wait for the person picking up the gear and make an offer.  You can tape a note to the gear to have the buyer contact you.  If the item is already “Donated” and there is time, we can take cash.

What if I have a problem or need Help during the swap?

There will be volunteers available to assist during the swap.