Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone come?

The Swap is a public event, open to ALL at no cost. You do not need to sell gear or be part of the Club to buy gear.

Is there anyone to help select gear?

The volunteers that are helping with the swap may or may not have any experience with the skating gear. You are welcome to ask questions, but we can not be held responsible for any errors.

What is your return policy?

Sorry, all sales are final, there are no returns.  The gear is on consignment from many different sellers.  We are like a large neighborhood garage sale. ​

​​Is the gear guaranteed to be usable?

We are like a garage sale for used gear.  90% of the gear belongs to individuals.  They generally are not aware of exact condition of the items.  We have people trying to keep the obvious bad and really old gear out and while our volunteers do their best but there is no guarantee. 

Can we buy unsold gear during gear pickup?

You can wait for the person picking up the gear and make an offer or you can tape a note to the gear to have the buyer contact you.

What happens to gear deemed not saleable?

1. Before the Swap – We try to weed out bad equipment before it gets into the swap.

2. After the Swap – We will donate/dispose of it at our own discretion.

What if we have a question after the swap?

Contact Susan Kugelmann at