The McDermott Athletic Center Freestyle Policy

Freestyle Sessions are open for skaters in the Free Skate 1 level and above.  Skaters below Free Skate 1 may skate on the Freestyle Sessions only with a coach while having a private lesson and must leave the ice at the conclusion of their private lesson.  This rule is in place for the safety of all skaters.


  1. Payment for freestyle sessions are made by purchasing an Ice membership at the Front Desk at the MAC.
  2. It is the responsibility of the skater and parent to make sure your membership is current for each session BEFORE the session begins.


  • Positive reinforcement is always welcome and expected.  There should be no yelling, screaming, or negative reactions or comments directed toward any skater or coach on the ice surface or in any public area of the facility or grounds.
  • Treat all skaters, coaches and staff with kindness, courtesy and respect.  Take heed of all direction given by the staff and react with respect to any requests.
  • React with maturity when faced with inappropriate behavior by other skaters, parents or professionals.  Emotionally charged behavior will not yield productive results.  Should problems arise with another individual, bring only the facts to the attention of the Skating Director.  Be the best example to those around you.
  • Using obscene language at any time will not be tolerated.  Intimidating behavior toward members of the staff, other skaters, parents and coaches will also not be tolerated.
  • Gossip is counterproductive.  Spreading hearsay and rumors among the skaters, parents and professionals is inappropriate and destructive.
  • Freestyle is a fast pace session.  Avoid standing and socializing, especially in the jump corners and in the center of the ice.  Doing so can cause serious injury.  The focus of on-ice time should be skating.


Skaters may use personal music for their practice.  However, the following rules must be followed:

  • All music to be played must be bluetooth accessible.
  • If there are more than 8 skaters on a session, a music sign-in sheet must be started.
  • Music will be started 5 minutes after the session begins and is to be played in the order on the list.
  • Music will be played by the skater or the coach.  It is the skater’s and coach’s responsibility to be aware of their position in the line-up.
  • If a skater does not wish their music played, they should take their name off the list or put their name at the end of the list.
  • Continuous restarting of music will not be allowed.  Music will not be started during the last 2 minutes of the Freestyle Session.
  • Coaches may bump a skater in line but no more than once per their skater’s lesson.
  • When on the ice, yield Right-of-Way to the skater performing his or her program, any skater using the jump harness, and all coaching professionals.  Caution sashes will be available and located at the score keeper’s box.